Impington Mill
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Maintenance 2014

A few things didn’t get done in 2012/2013:

  1. Tar the outhouse.
  2. Refurbish outhouse roof
  3. Paint the fantail blades

2014 scheduled work

  1. Repaint Smock, replacing cracked weatherboards.
Current Work

Work planned for this year is shown below.  Each year there is basic maintenance to be done.  This includes inspection, cleaning and painting which takes place on a 5 year cycle:

  1. Cap and Fantail
  2. Smock
  3. Tower
  4. 1st pair of sails (sails lowered for painting on the ground)
  5. 2nd pair of sails

Now that the outside is completed, restoration will concentrate on the inside, with the aim of grinding corn again.  All the machinery is available, but all the woodwork needs to be replaced, and the metalwork needs major refurbishment.


Restoration 2014

  1. Reset last two main beams on the Stones floor
  2. Dismantle Boulter and remove for refurbishment
  3. Strip, re-point and whitewash Stones floor.
  4. Fit shaft cladding to upright shaft.
  5. Re-cog lay shaft and restore sack hoist to working order.
  6. Begin stones furniture for right hand side.


If you would like to work on the mill, please