Impington Mill
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When we took it over, the garden was dilapidated but gloriously romantic with almost all the trees overgrown by ivy and the borders taken over by brambles, bindweed and self sown sycamores, and only pidgeons in residence.  In the first year, many friends helped us with “slash and burn” parties, and as we removed ivy, so the white blossom of East Anglia emerged, and birds began to return.  In the second year, we cut a wandering “secret” path round the edges and began to replant areas with more worthwhile shrubs and plants, whilst maintaining the romance.  We have kept the white theme, adding sloes, hawthorns, white roses, pale daffodils and splitting and extending snowdrops.  We have planted more than 28,000 bulbs, and 28 trees.


Pippa is the plantswoman, and spends many hours selecting plants for each “new” area.  Below, you can see the results through the seasons.